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Following a visit to the shop by Steve in July 2015, I made a visit to his house to quote for my building him a layout.

We started in August 2015 and got to an agreed stage in May 2016.

The basic design is mine with some input from Steve, who never having modelled before, was unsure of a) exactly what he wanted and b) what could be done. I proposed a couple of designs and we settled on the current trackplan. Steve had already decided he wanted a DCC layout and the other 2 things that reminded of his life were a colliery and a football stadium. The pit was fine but as just the football pitch in ‘OO’ would work out at 1.3m long we only managed the pit.

The basis of the layout is out and back from the terminus station with continuous running in both directions.

This means that there has to be a reversing loop which is controlled using a Tam Valley Depot dual frog juicer to stop any short circuits. This unit is very easy to install and seems to be working very reliably.

All trackwork is Peco streamline code 100 using insulfrog points. Point motors (28 of them), switches for the panel indicator lights and passing contact switches are also Peco.  There are several different building manufacturers: Ratio, Wills, L-cut, Metcalfe, Javis and Peco. Not all the buildings are new, some Steve had already acquired from various sources.

The layout is split into 4 ‘districts’ – not in the true sense of the word with separate power supplies to each district but rather each one has an isolating switch with indicator light which gives an early warning of which district has a problem and can be isolated before any damage is done.

Layout control is provided by a Gaugemaster Prodigy Advance for DCC operation and a Gaugemaster ‘D’ which supplies power for the turntable, panel indicator lights, point motors and DC track supply when switched over.

As you will see from the photographs, Steve has no particular preference for area or era – basically he just runs whatever takes his fancy – usually DCC sound.

View out from the station buildings

BR green A3 ‘Brown Jack’ has just arrived at platform 1 with a down express

LNER A4 Silver Fox waits in the station

The church from the village


Pit winding gear

A3 “Brown Jack” and ‘dutch’ liveried class 37 No 37254 ready to depart while blue class 20 20 128 shunts the goods yard

First World War Memorial

Scratchbuilt by Alan Walters

View along the village street.

Brown Jack winds into platform 1 with the down ‘Yorkshire Pullman’

Pit scene

Station looking out showing control panel.

08 818 and 20 128 rest in the goods yard as 37 254 passes by on the main line.

Pit scene

General view of the eastern tunnels below the village with ‘Brown Jack’ on the down ‘Yorkshire Pullman’, 47 710 hauling the works test train and 37 254 leading an up ECS working