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JustPlug Used Contact R/C

Hornby R2343 Southern Q1 Class Number “C8”


Hornby R2829 Class T9 Number “314” DCC Ready


Hornby R2620 Class N15 Number 746 “Pendragon”DCC Ready


 Bachmann C Class 1256 in Southern black 31-461 21 pin DCC ready


More used locos, all in very good condition and analogue control unless otherwise stated.

Hornby R2711 T9 No 729                                                            £60

Hornby R2219 West Country “Blackmoor Vale” 21C123 SR Green   £100

Dapol Terrier Southern 2635                                                       £35

Bachmann 32-160 SR “N” Class 1406                                          £70

Digital locos below:

Hornby R2987X Brighton Belle 1934 Power car and dummy           £165

Used Locos

All our used locos are serviced and will run well unless otherwise stated.

We have a test track in the shop to try them on if you wish.

We have a competitively priced chip fitting service if you require DCC fitting to an analogue loco.

Tri-ang R357 class 31 D5572 as shown. Serviced and ready to go. Analogue control.

No box with this loco.


Hornby R2121 class 25 D7596 as shown with small yellow ends

Serviced and ready to go. Boxed. Analogue control


Hornby R2903XS class 08 D3101 with sound. Boxed as shown.


Set of coaches from “Brighton Belle” as shown. Unboxed. V.G.C.


Hornby “Brighton Belle” power car and dummy as shown.

R2987X DCC fitted and boxed.

£165.00 or £300.00 with coaches above.

Bachmann 60532 Blue Peter limited edition with certificate.

In non original wooden presentation box.

DCC ready.


Unusual motorised troop carrier.

Designed for three rail operation and 12 volts A.C.

Made by Bachmann and appears unused.

The left one is motorised and is supplied

with couplings to connect the two cars together.

“00” Scale. Boxed.

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