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Used track is what it says, USED.

It will have been used on another layout and may need new fishplates, it may have been soldered to and there may be the odd bit of sleeper damage.

It WILL be useable by someone who knows what they are doing and any faults will be described.

A Job Lot Of Hornby Super 4 Track

A job lot of Triang/Hornby Super 4 track which needs cleaning and fishplate repairs/replacement. Quite heavy rust on some but they will clean up. Comprising of the following 35 items:

R480 x 10 13” straights.

R481 x 5  6½” straights.

R483 x 2 Small 14” radius double curves.

R484 x 2 Small 14”radius curves.

R485 x 9 Large 17” radius double curves.

3 x Extra large 19” radius double curves. These say “Made in England”.

I’m not sure that they’re Triang although they do fit.

R490 x 2 R/H points.

R491 x 1 L/H point.

R437 x 1 Y point.

£30.00 the lot collected or

£36.00 posted to U.K.

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A Hornby C 912 Power Supply with an R 965 Speed Controller

Tested and fully working. No boxes or instructions.