THE GHOST OF KYIV MIG-29 of the Ukrainian Air Force

THE GHOST OF KYIV MIG-29 of the Ukrainian Air Force

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The MiG-29 modification “9-13” is a fourth-generation multirole fighter, which has been in service with the USSR since the 1980s, and subsequently with other countries of the world. It is intended both for air combat and for defeating land and sea targets. Possessing outstanding performance, the fighter remains in service with a number of countries, and the opportunity for modernization allows expanding its capabilities and extending the period of effective operation.
In the Ukrainian Air Force, MiG-29 “9-13” make up a significant part of the fighter aviation fleet. Some of these aircraft have undergone modernization, which has improved the composition of the on-board radio-electronic equipment. A characteristic external feature of the Ukrainian MiG-29s is the gray “pixel” camouflage, which has become a kind of hallmark of these fighters.
During the fighting on the territory of Ukraine in the spring of 2022, the Ukrainian Air Force used these fighters to perform various tasks. The media often featured a story about the Ukrainian “Phantom of Kyiv”, which, successfully using its fighter, was able to achieve high combat results in the skies of Ukraine.